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Enter a keyword and view the top youtube videos and channels that rank high in search results. Analyse & update your videos to rank higher

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About the Youtube Stats tool

Youtube isn’t just a website, it is a search engine similar  to Google. It’s soaring popularity as a video content provider has made it the second largest search engine behind its parent Google. That’s right, Youtube gets around 3 billion searches per month and it’s search volume is larger than Microsoft Bing, Youtube, all combined.

Marketing on Youtube is important, especially since you want your video to go “viral” and get tons of views from users you want to target. What is a viral video? A viral video is one that is funny, useful or controversial and it is a video that is repeatedly shared on social media sites by thousands of viewers and generates a large amount of views to your video and visits to your website.

The Youtube Stats tools from Urgent Expert allows you to analyse what are the top videos that rank for a phrase. You can then see stats such as:

  • Top videos that appears in Youtube search results
  • Each videos views, duration, comments, number of likes, dislikes
  • Channel information such as views, subscribers
  • Thumbnails of the video, title etc

This allows you to quickly review what the top videos are ranking for a term, the titles used, how many likes they get - key components to help you optimise your video for ranking high

How to use the Youtube Stats tool

It is easy to use the Youtube Stats tools

  1. Simply enter a keyword or phrase you would like to analyse
  2. Select the maximum results you would like to view on the results page
  3. You also have the options to see video details or channel details
  4. When ready, click the Go button and that’s it

Youtube stats tool - enter keyword to check videos

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