XML Sitemap Generator

Create and download a free XML sitemap for any website using our generator tool, and submit it to Google or other search engines to crawl

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About the XML Sitemap generator tool

An XML sitemap enables you to quickly inform search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing of every web page of your website and any changes you may have made to the page.

What is the benefit of this? This ensures every page is indexed, and will rank quickly and correctly in search results. You don’t need different XMLs for each search engine either, as all major search engines use the same XML-based protocol

How to use the XML Sitemap generator tool

To create an XML sitemap file, it is easy with UrgentExpert’s

  1. Enter the domain you wish to create the sitemap for
  2. You can choose to enter the modified date in the sitemap. The last modified date is used to inform search engines when a page was last updated. This can encourage a search engine to re-crawl a page faster due to the content being seen as updated. You have 3 options – do not include, today’s date, or enter a custom date
  3. The change frequency allows you to set when the page will be updated on a frequency basis
  4. The priority option is used to signal the importance of individual pages in the website to Google and other search engines. However note the priority you assign is not likely to influence the position of your web pages in a search engine's search results
  5. Lastly, you can define how many pages you would to have crawled – 50, 100, 200 all the way to 5000!
  6. When ready, you can click the Generate sitemap button
  1. You can download the sitemap as an xml file by clicking the Save As XML File. Feel free to edit, or upload it directly via a search engines search console (i.e. Bing Webmaster tools or Google’s Search Console)
  2. To try a new domain, click the Try New URL button

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