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About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

About the Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator tool

These days, you need to ensure your website is catered for multiple devices. Users don’t use just their laptops or desktops, but mobile usage has grown exponentially, and so has the growth in tablets. On top of this, mobile screen sizes have grown and changed too.

This means, your website needs to be “fluid” in design, and visually adapt to any device. Urgent Expert recognises the importance of this, and has created the Webpage Screen Resolution Checker tool to quickly check any URL on a popular resolution size. You can quickly see if the website is optimised for a screen resolution in less than 20 seconds!

TIP: Review your analytics tool such as Google Analytics to see what resolution the majority of your visitors are using. Optimise your website for this audience first

How to use the Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator tool

  1. To use the URL rewriting tool,  simply enter your URL into the Enter a URL field 
  2. Then click the screen resolution you would like to check by clicking the images below. List of resolutions you can check:
    1. 160x160
    2. 320x320
    3. 640x480
    4. 800x600
    5. 1024x768
    6. 1366x768
    7. 1152x864
    8. 1600x1200

webpage screen resolution checker

  1. Once you have clicked the resolution size and check button, a new window will pop up adjusted to your chosen size, so you can easily see what the web page would look like on that resolution
  2. Simply enter a new URL and click the Submit button to check another web page

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