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Turn long dynamic URLs into static and descriptive URLs search engines prefer. Multiple options are given, including the .htaccess file

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About URL Rewriting Tool

About the URL Rewriting tool

Turn long dynamic URLs into static ones using Urgent Expert’s URL Rewriting Tool

Static URLs are preferred over dynamic ones as they are easier to remember for end-users, and static URLs can rank better in search engines like Google and Bing. This means your URLs will look more user-friendly to users and attract more visitors to click through as well. On top of this, static URLs tend to load faster than dynamic URLs - a  key ranking factor acknowledged by Google is page speed.

Urgent Expert's URL Rewriting tool gives you two options to rewrite your URLs:

Single Page URL rewrite and the .htaccess code to apply (example URL below)

Single Page URL rewrite

And a directory Type URL rewrite and .htaccess code to apply the rewrite site side. (example URL below)

directory type URL rewrite

How to use the URL Rewriting tool

  1. To use the URL rewriting tool,  simply enter your dynamic URL into the Enter your URL field 
  2. Click the Submit button when ready

URL rewriting tool

  1. The Article Rewriter Tool will output both a Single Page URL approach and a Directory Type URL rewrite for you. In addition to listing out what these should be, you will also be given the replacement code to apply in the .htaccess file. This will ensure all URLs in the similar structure will be rewritten
  2. Simply click the Try new document button to re-run the tool

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