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About URL Redirect Checker

About the URL Redirect Checker tool

Redirects are put in place, to avoid sending users to broken pages. Sometimes, you may have a good ranking page, but post deletion, you want to ensure all of the “rank juice” that page has gathered is intact, and a permanent 301 direct will ensure the new URL will gain that “rank juice” and users who bookmarked, or visit the old URL aren’t taken to a 404 page.

Urgent Expert’s URL Redirect Checker tool allows you to check the status of any redirect. If it is broken, our tool will tell you.

How to use the URL Redirect Checker tool

  1. To use the URL Redirect Checker Tool, simply type, or copy and paste the URL you would like to check
  2. Click the Submit button when ready

URL redirect checker tool

  1. The WWW Redirect Checker will check the website and output the results
  2. Simply click the Try new document button to re-run the tool

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