Social Media Sentiment Analysis tool

Measure your social media reputation, analyse competitors and track reactions across multiple channels using our Sentiment Analysis Tool

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About the Social Media Sentiment Analysis tool

With Urgent Expert's Social Media Sentiment Analysis tool, you can measure the social media reputation and track reactions of a brand of term across multiple social channels. Here are the benefits doing a sentiment analysis can give you:

Better understanding of the motivations behind a sentiment
Explore what drives a consumer's sentiment by analysing the positive/neutral/negative reactions and more.

Learn from social posts, news, reviews, and more
Analyse data from multiple social media, review sites, news outlets, blogs, and forums for any given search term

Benchmark against competitors
Look at the sentiment, share of voice with ease of any competitor brand (just search the competitor brand or their new product)

Track purchase intent
Understand when, where, and how consumers discuss about any product or category, and track changes over time. Use the tool any time

Evaluate campaign impact
Assess how your latest campaign impacted brand sentiment, and review which individuals the campaign impacted the most.

Analyse product launch response
Determine what motivates consumers to buy, and find ideas for how can you be more impactful in the future, or the direction to promote new digital marketing ads or campaigns

How to use the Social Media Sentiment Analysis tool

  1. To use the Social Media Sentiment Analysis tool, simply enter a keyword (brand term?), you would like to check
  2. Click the Search button when ready

social media sentiment analysis tool

  1. The tool display the keywords social media reputation  and reactions of your term
Sentiment Analysis example screenshot
  1. To run the tool again, simply search a new term and click the Search button

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