Search Engine Spider Simulator

See what search engine spiders view when crawling a page. This tool mimics a search engine bot when crawling a URL, from meta data, links, content to source code.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

About the Search Engine Spider Simulator tool

The Search Engine Spider Simulator tool mimics what a search engine's bot reviews when crawling a page. The tool outlines the following of a URL once a crawl is made:

  • Meta Content
    • Meta Title
    • Meta Description
    • Meta Keywords
  • H1, H2, H3 and H4 Tags
  • Indexable Links on the URL
  • Readable Text Content from the URL
  • Source Code of the URL

.Not only can you use the tool to analyse your own pages, but why not analyse a competitor's page? You could understand the meta titles, content, headers applied and optimise your content to compete much better with your own pages

How to use the Search Engine Spider Simulator tool

  1. To use the Search Engine Spider Simulator tool, simply enter the URL of the website you would like to check
  2. Click the Submit button when ready

Search Engine Spider Simulator Tool

  1. The tool will show you all of the info a crawling bot spider will review upon crawling a webpage
  2. To run the tool again, simply click the Try New URL button

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