About Us

Who we are, how it all started and why we do it.

Urgent Expert provides a library of digital marketing tools to optimize and rank any website on search engine results. The digital marketing tools can give business owners valuable insight, and best practises they can apply without hiring any marketing agency.

A large part of any business is digital marketing. Many aspiring business owners do not have these skills, and it can be expensive to hire out these jobs. Urgent Expert helps to level this playing field for start-ups, sole traders, local businesses, agencies, and companies by offering a suite of digital marketing tools.

We wanted to shake the market, ordinarily, an expert would need to be hired for these type of technical skills, but with an Urgent Expert business owners can save money while also gaining valuable feedback on their websites. We know many start-ups do not have the funds to hire an expert or a marketing team, and Urgent Expert allows them to keep up with market demand without paying the price.

Everything has a beginning..

Urgent Expert was formed by two friends with a passion for digital marketing. Through our talks about life, it become obvious what we wanted to do. It wasn’t just forming a company, it was forming a company with a purpose, to create tools that would really help anyone with their digital marketing strategies.

And just as two friends brainstormed and shared ideas, Urgent Expert is a platform that welcomes feedback and collaboration. Got feedback on one of our tools or would like to suggest a new tool? Feel free to contact us anytime.