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The Link Analysis Tool will list all internal and external links of a website. The tool will also label whether a link is a follow/nofollow link

Link Analysis Tool

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About Link Analysis Tool

About the Link Analysis Tool

The Link Analysis Tool is a fantastic tool that will analyse any given website’s total links. In addition to analysis, you can quickly export the results as an Excel CSV file for further analysis.

The tool will output the following types of links:

  • Internal links – these are hyperlinks of the domain's own pages. The tool will also list if the links are labelled NoFollow or DoFollow
  • External Links – these are hyperlinks on your website to external websites. The tool will list all of these links out and whether they are labelled NoFollow or DoFollow
  • NoFollow Links –NoFollow links are links with the rel=”nofollow” HTML tag applied. The nofollow tag tells search engines like Google to ignore that link and don’t follow it. Since nofollow links don’t pass any page rank juice, they don’t help with search engine rankings.
  • Total links - it will aggregate both Internal and External links to give you a total link count as well

Why stop at analysing your own website? Use it to for competition analysis too, to find all internal links, and external links that link to your competitor. Review this list and look to improve your own page by securing better backlinks to help your page rank higher.

How to use the Link Analysis Tool

  1. Simply enter a URL in the search field and click the Submit button
  2. The tool will do the analysis and present you with the results. 

  1. You can easily export the results as a CSV file by clicking the Export as CSV button
  2. You can also re-run the tool by clicking the Try new URL button

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