Google Cache Checker

Check the last cache date & time of up to 20 web pages. Helpful to identify and then inform search engines to crawl & cache a new version

Google Cache Checker

Enter up to 20 Links (Each Links must be on separate line)


About Google Cache Checker

About the Google Cache Checker tool

Google stores a cached version of the last time it crawls a webpage. This is why in some cases the cached version is different to the current version of the web page that is live.

Each time a Google bot visits your website and crawls content, it will keep the previously indexed copy in their cache. Urgent Expert’s Google Cache Checker tool will check whether Google has cached your page, what time and date it was last updated too.

Creating unique and fresh content on a website is one of the best ways to gain high rankings in search results, but it is also important to make sure Google is able to crawl your site and index the relevant pages too.

Using our tool, you can quickly check if Google has crawled your site and whether a new crawl needs to happen. You can use the Google Search Console to tell Google to recrawl a URL, effectively updating its index.

How to use the Google Cache Checker tool

  1. To use the Google Cache Checker tool, simply enter the URL of the website you would like to check
  2. You can enter upto 20 different URLs (each link in a seperate line)
  3. Click the Submit button when ready

Google Cache Checker tool

  1. The tool will show you when the last cache of the URL happened (date & time)
  2. To run the tool again, simply click the Try New URL button

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