Facebook Ad Reach Estimator

Use our Facebook Ad Reach Estimator tool to find out how many potential customers a business can reach with a Facebook ad in any location

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About the Facebook Ad Reach Estimator tool

Facebook is a fantastic tool to advertise your services to a wide audience. But that’s not all, you can be very specific with the audience you target. Do you doubt the audience you could reach with a Facebook ad? Then check out Urgent Expert’s Facebook Ad Reach Estimator tool.

Our Facebook Ad Reach Estimator tool will tell you how many Facebook users you could target within a radius, you can also filter down to the gender if your product/service is gender specific.

How to use the Facebook Ad Reach Estimator tool

  1. To use the Facebook Ad Reach Estimator tool, simply enter a UK postcode
  2. Select a radius you want to target (10 – 50 miles)
  3. The gender you would like to target, you can choose all to target both male and female

Facebook ad awareness tool - enter data

  1. You can run the tool again by clicking the Re-run button on the results page

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