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About Domain Age Checker

About the Domain Age Checker tool

What is a domain? It is the URL of a website, just as That is, the main address with which Internet users access your website.

The Domain Age refers to the duration of time since the domain name has existed. Our checker tool will not only tell you the domain age, but also a list of other insights:

  • Domain Age
  • Domain Created Date
  • Domain Updated Date
  • Domain Expiry Date

Not only does the tool allow you to quickly check the expiry date of your own domain, you can also use it to check information on any domains you wish to purchase.

Lastly, why not combine the Domain Age checker tool with our backlink checker tool to audit a competitor? You can see how old the competitor is, and how many backlinks they have acquired.  

How to use the Domain Age Checker Tool

  1. Simply enter the domain you wish to check in the search field
  2. Click the Submit button

Domain age checker

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