Why Start A Wordpress Website And Is It Still Relevant Today In 2020?

Jack Hayter 12 Nov 2020 in Seo tools

I’m sure, you have heard of the Wordpress blogging platform. If not, it is one of the best website building platforms to create and maintain high quality blogs. But Wordpress isn’t just a blogging platform, it is also capable of being much more than what people know about.

What is it you ask? The answer is a “website”. But isn’t a blog a website? It is, but Wordpress isn’t just tied to being a “blogging website”. Besides running blogs. you can also build websites that rival any professionally designed website. Best of all, your content is easy to manage using the in-built page editor called Gutenberg (or there are a variety of web builders such as Elementor, Divi etc).

Here are a few more reasons why WordPress of the best options when running a website:

It's absolutely Free

First off, WordPress is absolutely free to use. Therefore it is far better of an option than many of the expensive web design software suites. Instead of spending money on infrastructure, you can spend a premium theme, or on advertising your services

Managing Content Is Easy

The second best thing about WordPress is that it makes managing content a breeze. You can simply publish a new post or page at any moment and it will instantly go live. What makes it even better is the fact that formatting a page is as easy as using any text editing software. You can easily publish a page with rich copy, images, video with ease.


Themes Make Design Cheap

When it comes to building a professional website, design is usually the most expensive part. Luckily WordPress has a built in theme system that makes designing a piece of cake. All you have to do is find a theme that suits your needs and install it. Simply search from the library of themes and active one to your liking. Your entire website will instantly change. Want more reasons? How about security, scalability, and search engine optimization?

As you can see, building a WordPress websites is one of the easiest and best ways to build a web presence online.

How do I start a Wordpress website?

You don't need a website degree or a course in programming to start a Wordpress website and knowing how to start one will save you a ton of money on web developers and designers. You'll also be able to quickly follow market trends and apply new features to your website without the need for an expensive programmer. This will allow you to not only educate yourself in Wordpress skills, but stay ahead of competition. So what are the basic essentials you need to know when starting a Wordpress website?

  1. Choose a Domain Name - A domain name is the address that you type into your browser that ends with a.com,.net,.org etc. You can register a domain from any authorized domain registrar which is accredited by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN. There are hundreds of registrars out there, and the price of each domain is usually lower than $15 per year.
  2. Host your Domain – You need hosting provider, who essentially rent you a space in their servers so that your site will be visible on the internet. This would cost about less than $10 per month for a shared hosting account which is already reliable. Note, there are companies who provide both hosting and domain as a package.
  3. Installing WordPress Software To your Web Host - You can install or upload WordPress software using an FTP client like Filezilla or some hosting companies provide one install click to make it easier.
  4. Selecting A Theme - There are thousands of free themes that you can choose, themes are extremely important because the appearance of your site is what first time visits instantly notice. It’s your opportunity to present your brand to the world. Premium themes are also available that are quite expensive, but there are some great free themes that are mobile responsive and SEO optimised, to get you started.
  5. Making a static page - It is important to make a static page so that your site does not look like a blog. You may need a nice visual homepage. You can easily make a static page from your WordPress dashboard.

And that should be it, you can start blogging, or even look to expand your Wordpress site further. Maybe you want to add forms for contact capture. Maybe an ecommerce add-on to sell your products? All of this is possible with Wordpress.

The bottom line is that WordPress is a great option to launch your new website – as a single blog or as a fully functioning ecommerce site

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I’m sure, you have hard of the Wordpress blogging platform. it's one of the best blogging platforms ever created. But Wordpress isn’t just a blogging platform, it is capable of much more than that what most people know.

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