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Admin 15 Feb 2022 in Seo

Today, we are introducing a brand new robots tag, indexifembedded, that brings you extra manage over while your content material is indexed. With the indexifembedded tag, you may tell Google you'll nevertheless like your content listed when it is embedded thru iframes and comparable HTML tags in other pages, even when the content web page has the noindex tag.

The indexifembedded tag addresses a not unusual issue that specifically impacts media publishers: whilst they will need their content listed when it is embedded on 1/3-party pages, they don't necessarily need their media pages listed on their personal. because they don't need the media pages indexed, they currently use a noindex tag in such pages. but, the noindex tag also prevents embedding the content in different pages during indexing. the brand new robots tag, indexifembedded, works in mixture with the noindex tag best whilst the web page with noindex is embedded into any other page via an iframe or similar HTML tag, like object. as an example, if has both the noindex and indexifembedded tag, it way Google can embed the content material hosted on that page in online.example/my-recipes.html at some point of indexing. To enable your content material to be listed handiest while it's embedded on other pages, make sure to add indexifembedded in combination with the noindex tag.

for instance: Alternatively, you can specify the tag in the HTTP header: X-Robots-Tag: googlebot:noindex X-Robots-Tag: googlebot:indexifembedded ... OR … X-Robots-Tag: googlebot:noindex,indexifembedded Presently, only Google supports the indexifembedded tag. We hope you find this new tag useful.

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